DIRECTTECH heating panels work with the long-wave infrared or the better known Far Infrared which has the same frequency with which the sun warms our planet. Photons in this frequency (energy) charge the atoms and heat is emitted, the radiation process starts which heats up our living- and working spheres.


Long-wave infrared radiation

To enable you to understand the advantages of FAR Infrared in terms of heating efficiency, we need to take into account its effect on solid substances. Contrary to short-wave infrared which deeply intrudes into the masses and has to heat almost the whole mass before reflection begins, the long-wave infrared only warms the surface of the substances. The heat radiation heats the surfaces of the walls, ceilings and floors. Through reflection the heat spreads evenly over the entire room and brings natural, pleasant warmth which is regarded as comfortable even at considerably lower temperatures, contrary to the classical air heating. This saves energy and your finances at the same time. Through the above mentioned way of heating the surfaces, any possible humidity is removed from the existing cubic capacity, a basic tempering takes place and the dew-point is moving to the outside.  The wall becomes a natural protective insulation which is a further savings effect.

Steady heating leads to constant temperatures in the room. This reduces the air circulation significantly which arises through high temperature differences between floor and ceiling and the normally existing swirling up of dust is minimized drastically.


Infrarotheizung Skizze
Besides the prevention of mould and fungal attack due to the dry material, this is an essential health factor. A further advantage of heated material through infrared radiation is that there is no loss of heat while airing. This completes your savings program.

Temperature control

All DIRECTTECH heating panels can individually be equipped with temperature control devices. Depending on your wishes, control units are available with timers or thermostat. It is then possible to program your desired temperature at a particular time and to optimize the economy. The application of thermostats is possible without additional installation works.