About us

As the founder of Direkt-Erwärmungs-Technologie D.E.T.®, DIRECTTECH develops and produces most innovative and future-oriented product lines in the field of infrared heating systems, climate- and energy technologies.

Since the foundation in 2004, the focus of the company is the philosophy to protect the environment through the use of most advanced technology and the responsible usage of the valuable resources of nature.

Under the name DET, natural stone heatings were initially sold. Only one year later, the development and production of own infrared heating systems started, standing out in quality in regard to competitors.

The registered office is in Moers, on the beautiful Lower Rhine.

Thanks to greatest possible care in production and the use of high-quality materials, efficient infrared heating systems have been developed under the name DIRECTTECH®, ensuring high quality through continuous own inspections and investigations of a recognized, independent test institute.

We design your optimum room climate through the harmonizing of high-tech and nature.
Do not only drastically reduce your Co2-emissions but also save your energy costs.

Responsibility for the future is our impulse.

With the development of our products we are on the right way.
Come with us!