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Measured energy consumptions of infrared heating versus night storage heating

  • By Gaby Groß
  • 16 March, 2016

The BVIR has executed a comparing measurement about the energy consumptions of infrared- and night storage heatings.
The measurements were carried out in Leipzig during the heating period 2014/2015 and the results were verified and evaluated by Mr. Dr. Achilles, IET GmbH, Jena.

Interesting is that the used infrared heating for this long-duration measurement has a surface temperature of 70°-110°C (SUNLINE infrared heating panels from DIRECTTECH 100°- 130°C resp. ceiling installation 160°-200°C) and a radiation efficiency of 50% (SUNLINE infrared heating panels from DIRECTTECH over 60%) and has achieved significant results.

The results confirm even more the efficiency and the savings potential of infrared heatings.