Highest efficiency

Due to the special design of the DIRECTTECH heating panels and the surface temperature that can be reached, the highest efficiency of long-wave infrared is guaranteed.

Due to the excellent technique, DIRECTTECH heating panels reach a much higher temperature than other products with the same power input that leads to a maximization of the efficiency.

Dry walls

SUNLINE heating panels dry out your walls with infrared warmth. A reduction of your wall humidity to under 4 % increases the insulation value by 50 %.

Numbers that speak for themselves

DIRECTTECH infrared heating panels do not only warm up the ambient air. Infrared radiation rather permeates the air and warms persons and objects directly. Therefore, the room temperature can significantly be decreased while having the same level of comfort.

Using an example of a 120 sqm large flat, the researches of Dr. Dieter Achilles, Institute for Environment- and Energy Technology in Jena, show the average following convincing numbers:

The energy use of night storage heatings with annually 18.000-30.000 KWh can be reduced by 30-50% through replacing them by radiant heatings. Of course, the operating costs behave accordingly. In addition, savings in Co2 emissions yield 3,5-6 tons annually and by using green electricity even 12-19 tons! Due to the high energy efficiency, similar advantages can also be seen in comparison to other heating systems. This is confirmed, among other things, in a survey of the TU Kaiserslautern (see downloads).

The refitting is easily feasible for you. In the normal case, existing electro installations can be used. Due to the low construction depth of the DIRECTTECH radiant heatings and the wide range of forms and materials, there are no limits in regard to your design wishes.