„The role of modern energy policy is to commonly realize environment- and climate protection, growth, employment and energy security. The energy policy of the future is therefore an integrated energy policy. Central components of such policy are the consistent expansion of renewable energies and the massive increase of energy efficiency.”

Sigmar Gabriel,
Roadmap Energy policy2020


More than a half of the energy demand in Germany refers to the heat market. At present, coal, natural gas and kerosene are predominantly applied as energy carriers. Burning these fossil fuels produces a high CO2-emission and highly contributes to the climate change. The global outrunning supplies of fossil fuels cause rising prices and a growing dependence on suppliers.

All these reasons explicitly speak for the use of electricity. Because electricity can be won out of renewable energies such as wind power, water power and solar energy – only this is ecologically justifiable and the decisive factor.

The vision of autarkic energy supply will become reality.

We use electricity solely produced from renewable energies.