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A cool mirror with convenient heat rays which fill out the whole room, this is only a contradiction at first glance. The long-waving infrared radiation creates comfortable warmth, as the sun. DIRECTTECH MIRROR® offers various versions of shape and design with highest functionality. Create your own wellness oasis in your bathroom!

Design and function

DIRECTTECH MIRROR® heating panels are lightweights. They are perfectly proper for being installed at walls or ceilings. The installation is possible with various frame profiles or as a fitted version. You can easily hang up the wall panels, like a picture. For the commercial sector there are available special panels for the easy installation in Odenwald ceilings.

Highest efficiency

An installation below the height of 1,80m requires a maximum surface temperature of 100 °C according to the standard DIN EN 60335. This is reached through activating the safety switch „Limiter”, that takes place at an inside temperature of 100 °C. The Installation above the height of 1,80 m allows higher temperatures, so that the entire efficiency of the long-waving infrared radiation can be utilized, that takes place at a temperature of 120 °C.

Safety factor

Is the defined maximum temperature reached by the heating technique in the interior system, the internal safety switch “Limiter” is activated and the temperature is reduced. The maximum operating temperature is below the cut-off safety temperature and can vary due to environmental conditions, e.g. supply voltage, ambient (room) temperature and environmental humidity.

Frame profiles

The standard version is matt silver anodized. Further variations are available for an extra charge.
The special profile Flansch is ideally suitable for wall- or ceiling installations.