Product characteristics of DIRECTTECH heating panels

Glass surface

  • Due to its natural capacity (material quality), glass has the excellent ability to convert conducted energy into long-waving infrared heat with highest efficiency.
  • The used glasses for our products have a very large proportion of quartz contents. The higher the amount of quartz in the glass, the higher is the release of infrared heat.
  • The used glasses for our products are moreover characterized by their insensitivity against high temperature differences as well as a high impact- and beat resistance in comparison to conventional glasses.



  • High-quality profiles, manufactured according to our specifications.
  • Increased stability through the material strength of 2 mm.
  • Increased longevity and corrosion protection through anodized surfaces.


Insulation / Lagging

  • Radical reduction of heat loss on the back side  due to excellent insulation.
  • Due to the reduction of the losses on the back side, the heat dissipation is increased above the front side (carrier material) and the release of warmth into infrared.


Sheet metal in the back

  • Serves as partitioning to the installation substructure and additionally reduces the heat loss on the back side.
  • Increased longevity through an anodized surface.


Heating technique with highest efficiency

  • As founder of the Direkt-Erwärmungs-Technologie D.E.T.®, DIRECTTECH has always been using an all-over heating technique.
  • The use of an all-over heating technique leads to an equal surface temperature on the front of the panel and to an improved heat dissipation.
  • Due to the excellent technique, DIRECTTECH heating panels reach a much higher temperature than other products with the same power input that leads to a maximization of the efficiency.


Easy installation

  • Easy installation of the DIRECTTECH heating panels due to our self-developed assembly system.


Quality awareness

  • All production-relevant processes are standardized in compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Each single product is examined before delivery regarding functionality and quality.